What is Google My Business? A Tool To Make Your Business Thrive!

What is Google My Business? A Tool To Make Your Business Thrive!, In today's competitive era, India is seeing growth in new startups. In 2020 alone, government-recognized startups grew by 57 percent. At the same time, the trend of becoming job gear rather than job seeker has increased among Indian youth. According to reports from various agencies around the world, India and the rest of the world are not succeeding in starting a very extraordinary growth in the field of industry and housing in the near future.

How it develops also plays a very important part. Every trader dreams of going ahead of the competition and becoming a market leader. The trader is constantly striving for that.



According to economics, the king of the economy is the consumer. In today's modern age, before the consumer reaches the trader, the competition of the trader to deliver his product to the customer is frozen. For which merchants use their own website, application and e-commerce application. But small and medium traders are frustrated by the lack of technological knowledge as well as the inability to bear the cost.

But now they do not have to be discouraged. Google has introduced a tool called My Business for all small businesses and the home industry sector. Using which the trader can deliver his product to the customer very easily and for free.
The class using Google My Business tool has grown by 135 percent in the last 2 years. So let's learn how to use Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is also known as Google Local Listing. In which merchants can promote attractive business to customers by updating business name, address, phone number and other additional information on Google search or Google map.

Nowadays the consumer determines the search through two types of queries on Google. These include Near by Me and City Name. For example: Carrier Guidance Group in Gujarat is called J City Name Search, and Carrier Guidance Group is called Near Me J Near By Me.

Benefits of Google My Business

The first three local packs

The top three local businesses appear first on the Google search page. Its advantage is that organic results appear first. These three Google Local Packs get a huge 600 percent boost in clicks.

Google Map Search finds businesses

Now most consumers mostly use smartphones to find the Near By Me business name. As a result, the local merchant listed in Google My Business benefits directly.

Increases customer confidence

My business account opens after a lot of verification and verification. Google verifies details by merchant. As a result, consumers quickly trust the brands or businesses listed by Google.

Free Google Advertising

Google My Business Listing offers merchant business advertisements on Google fast and for free. In addition, business profiles are also displayed on platforms affiliated with Google. Not only that, it takes less time to optimize the business profile.

Increase sales

By creating a profile in Google My Business and completing the verification process, phased development results can be obtained in the business. The more active a merchant is online, the more profits he can make, and the higher the Google rankings, the higher the customer confidence.

How to optimize Google My Business listings?

1. Accurate details

Provides the business name and address to the customer. Google also verifies all of that information with business websites and social media profiles.

2. Photographs

According to a research, 70% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on a good image, as a result of which customers are attracted to profile photo cover photo multiple video uploads to display my business business.

3. Business Description

A business description can be written in 750 characters, using keywords related to the location. But cannot use promotional materials and links.

4. Review and Response

Review always influences the buying process or sales of a business. 90 percent of consumers read the review before making a purchase, while 50 percent also visit the website. 22 percent visit the place and 18 percent make direct contact. Only if you have good reviews for your business can you reach Google's first 3 local packs.

5. Post or business updates

Posting on a business page gives exposure to merchants who post more than competitors. Log in to Google My Business, click on the post, select the type of post. Upload related photo, video. Write details in 1500 characters, add link and post.

6. Keep the name short and sweet

The name of the business should be short and sweet. It is best to name a maximum of 32 characters. The merchant can change the name three times a year.

7. Create a profile

Update business pages to social media profiles available on other business platforms. So that customers can easily find you on social media too.

8. Questions and Answers

The purpose of this feature is to provide customers with additional information about the business. Customers can ask questions related to your business. The answer must be in very simple language.

9. Professional message

Writing the right business messages on the page attracts the customer and can also help in successful sales and increase sales.

10. Class and subclass

Choosing the right category and sub-category of business is an important factor. Which also affects the local ranking of the business.