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How do you start preparing for an interview ?

When it comes to the final step interview of the competitive exam, there is always a dilemma as to how to aim for the final step. There is a plethora of literature, materials available in the market for prelims and mains but there is a dearth of materials guiding what to do for the interview test. It is not impossible to pass the interview if the following and resources are used prudently to prepare for the interview . interview Newspapers Everyday events should be read in depth whenever the interview is near. The editorial should be studied in depth from sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, Rajya Sabha TV . At this point the reading should focus more on analysis, rather than detailed reading. A journal like Frontline can be used for selective intensive reading. Nowadays various magazines, internet, telegram, youtube channels have become dominant but most of the information or discussions found in them are more quantitative than qualitative. Meeting successful candidates in inter

Demand for automobile engineering in the modern age

There are many bright opportunities in the field of automobile engineering for those who want to do something new in life and constantly be creative. Given the rapid development in this field at present, it is opening up towards earning more by working continuously for the automobile engineer as well as in the field of civil engineering. This has the potential for high-paying jobs. automobile-engineerin The many big companies that have come to India for vehicles in the last decade are also in constant demand from the people of this region. Not only new vehicles but also the market for old vehicles is rising in an unbelievable way today. In this too, the automobile industry in Gujarat has made great strides in the last five years. As the purchasing power of every human being is increasing today, the purchase of vehicles is seen to be increasing, hence the automobile industry is booming. The industry has been a leader in providing livelihood directly or indirectly. One place in any a

Instagram | An excellent app to give a new direction to business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for young people and businessmen of all classes these days. At the same time, India is currently second only to the United States in the world with 14 million Instagram users . India is said to be a country of youth and most of the population of India belongs to the 25 to 45 Y group. Of the 140 million Instagram users, 80 per cent are under the age of 70. As a result, the Instagram platform has become very helpful for merchants in India and around the world to sell products and services in recent times. There is still a new trend of increasing business in India and the world through the Instagram platform and it is in an external state. instagram-app The principle of marketing is that, if associated with a tree that bears good fruit in infancy, the tree bears much fruit until it is young. Thus with the right marketing strategy, professionals can promote products and services on Instagram , boost their brand and increase pr

Blogging | A New Horizon for Internet Based Business

Nowadays most of the class is constantly thinking about how to get a good and respectable income. The two main platforms are responsible for making the most money when it comes to making money from the internet . Including number one youtube and number two blogging . These two sources are such that the task is to do the same thing and its income can be achieved for years. Thus it provides a kind of royalty income. But YouTube is just a video content based platform. When a reader has text, image and video regarding knowledge. If you want to get these three types of content together then blog is the only option. Any internet user in the world can easily start working as a blogger . It does not require any domain and hosting costs. blogging-internet-based-business What is blogging ? Individuals can enrich their knowledge by sharing their specialized knowledge with the people in need by creating a blog or a website and can also earn income from it. Blogging also provides an electronics

Website | The best way to promote business digitally

The current time is called the digital time. The need to go digital has also arisen to further the business . There are many ways to digitize your business . But the best way to do that is through a website. Website plays a very important and vital part in the progress of the business. It can display any trade on the world stage. Creating a simple, accurate and useful website for the user is a daunting task. But the website should be designed so that users find it informative and users visit it frequently. A total of four points need to be kept in mind in the planning process to create a website . website They are purpose, audience, content and medium, respectively. The design of the website provides a very important factor to properly accommodate these four planning issues. Interesting statistics regarding the website There are currently more than 1.7 billion websites available on the World Wide Web . But only 350 million of them are in active mode. The world's first website was

PM Vani Yojana | Will provide free internet facility in every village of the country

As part of digitizing the whole of India, the Digital India Revolution is being carried out by the Government of India . Under that program, the government has recently decided to develop the internet sector in the village. Because, if the villages are to be connected with the city and the world, then the development of internet is very necessary. pm-vani-yojana Even today, a large section of the population in India lives in villages. Production by villages also plays an important role in India's GDP . Digitizing villages and connecting them to the Internet will bring huge benefits and targets to GDP. The government is thinking about that. Not only that, even today, students in the villages lack internet. Due to which their education is being disrupted. The children in the whole area have a lot of skills. But a bridge is needed to connect that skill to the world. It is also imperative to provide complete information of all government schemes and its benefits to the villages. As a