Project Manager Salary In the US

When we consider searching for well-paying jobs, one of the occupations that frequently comes to mind is that of a project manager. This is because project managers typically have a wide range of responsibilities. Because of its adaptable nature, it attracts a lot of applicants, which is one of the reasons why it is a popular option among candidates.


There are many different fields that offer excellent employment prospects for project managers, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you live. Due to the fact that what they do requires more than one person, they command a high salary and are held in great esteem.

Through the completion of UMass project management certification, which is aligned with PMI-PMP® and IASSC-Lean Six Sigma, you will also have the opportunity to become a project leader.

What do project managers do?

They take care of the project’s technical details while simultaneously ensuring that the administration, execution, and completion of the project are carried out correctly. Because of this, their demand exists all over the world. Let’s find out how much a project manager makes in the United States.

A project manager is responsible for managing a project, as the name of the profile indicates. However, despite what you might believe, it is not a straightforward process. A project manager is the person who is held accountable for the successful execution and conclusion of a project that has been given to a group of people to work on. A project manager’s responsibility is to plot out a course for the members of the team to follow so that the project can be finished.

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He is responsible for directing the team, staying in contact with the relevant stakeholders, adapting the solution to meet the needs of the customer, and ensuring that the company’s resources are not depleted beyond their capacity as a result of the work being done. A project manager needs to be able to keep a project within its allotted budget, guarantee that the client is happy with the results, and do all of this while maintaining alignment with the company’s core principles and long-term goals.

What is the Typical Salary of a Project Manager in the United States?

The United States of America offers one of the most lucrative compensation packages for its project supervisors. The final base pay for a project manager can differ depending on a variety of factors, including the business, the number of years of experience, the education level, and other factors; however, the average salary in the United States is approximately $108,000. On the other hand, the salary can be anywhere from $51,000 all the way up to $171,000 at its maximum possible level.

Career Development and Income Growth Opportunities for Project Managers in the United States

The majority of people have the misconception that reaching the level of senior project manager is the pinnacle of one’s career. However, this is not the case. According to the progression shown below, a project manager’s potential for advancement is as high as six stages. The salary range for project managers in the United States also differs according to the following factors.

Managing Projects at the L2 Level

  • Two to six years worth of experience.
  • $150,000 is the typical annual salary.
A successful project should be able to be organized, managed, and carried out thanks to the efforts of a project manager.

L3: Sr Project Manager

  • 7 - 14 Years of Professional Experience.
  • The Typical Annual Wage = $ 230 000.
In your role as Senior Project Manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the plans are carried out correctly while keeping a watch on both the budget and the deadline.

L4: Delivery Manager

  • 15 - 20 Years of Professional Experience.
  • The Average Wage = $ 260,000.
A delivery manager is responsible for ensuring that the project is distributed to the customers without any hiccups or problems of any kind.

L5: Also known as the Delivery Director

  • 15 - 20 Years of Professional Experience.
  • $310,000 is the typical annual salary.
In order to determine the appropriate workforce, a delivery director will perform the research and then present the findings to the delivery team as well as the clients.

L6: Vice President - Project Management

  • Years of Experience: 15 - 25 of Them.
  • The Typical Income is equal to $390,000.
Because this is the highest level that can be achieved along this route, a Vice President is accountable for formulating, supervising, and putting in place the most effective methods for the workforce.

Factors that affect a Project Manager’s Pay in the United States

If you are curious about the various factors that influence the compensation of a project manager in the United States, continue reading to find out.

More Experience

In every industry, having experience in the sector for at least a few years is considered to be an asset. However, because the project manager serves in a similar capacity to that of a team leader and is responsible for managing both the technical and managerial elements of the project, becoming a project manager is not a simple task.

On the other hand, it is also a truth that you pick up things as you go along. Therefore, it is not the case that a novice will be unable to participate in the project as a manager. Keep in mind that the amount of money you can make corresponds directly to the number of years of experience you have. According to the statistics that were provided by Glassdoor, an individual with less than three years of experience earns approximately $74,100, while the average salary earned by a senior project manager in the United States is approximately $95,696.


Your geographical location is a significant factor in determining the amount of money you make, which is a fact that may come as a bit of a surprise to you. For instance, if you look into the popular job posting websites, you will observe that the ones that are for recruitment in Boston, New York City, and San Francisco Bay offer higher pay packages than the other regions in the United States do. This is true for all of the job posting websites that are for recruitment in these three cities.

However, you must not let the high pay range cloud your judgment in any way. Given that you are required to maintain a residence in the city, you should first determine how much money you will need to spend on housing before evaluating the value of the package. Most of the time, places that pay exceptionally well also have a very high cost of living.


If you want to become a Project Manager, you will need to have a few abilities under your belt in addition to being knowledgeable in your field. They are as follows.
  • Agile: the ability to adapt in response to changing conditions.
  • Skill in analysis refers to the ability to evaluate a scenario and determine what actions are required to bring it under control.
  • Budgeting is the process of completing a project while adhering to the allotted spending limits and deviating from them only when absolutely essential.
  • Computer Skills - At the very least, you should be familiar with the fundamentals of this subject.
The ability to communicate fluently in English, which is a popularly used language in the world, is an important factor in overcoming linguistic barriers.

Level of Education

It should not be a surprise that a person with a greater level of education will have a higher income than someone who does not. The most recent research indicates that 68% of project managers working in the United States of America have at least a bachelor’s degree and 14% of them even have a master’s qualification in their respective disciplines. According to the salaries that have been published on a variety of websites.
  • The average annual salary for an individual with a bachelor’s degree is $102,588.
  • The average annual salary for someone with a master’s degree is $114,821
  • The average salary for someone with a doctoral degree is $121,387.
We hope that through this article, you have gotten an idea of the remuneration paid to project managers and the different factors that affect their pay.