LogicMonitor Jobs and Careers

LogicMonitor is hiring Now! See 21 jobs! Apply for great jobs with your profile and get in touch with hiring managers right away. LogicMonitor is an information technology company founded in 2007, the CEO of the company is Christina Kosmowski.

Also the latest thing is that the growth of the company is very good, the revenue of the company is around $100M to $500M (USD). LogicMonitor is headquartered at 820 State Street, Floor 5, Santa Barbara, CA.

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About LogicMonitor Company

LogicMonitor is an IT operations data collaboration and SaaS-based observability platform that modern organizations rely on to deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences to developers, MSPs, ITOps, and business leaders. It helps to gain predictability and visibility across technologies. LogicMonitor monitors everything from cloud to network applications, empowering technology-based companies to focus more on troubleshooting and technology innovation.

CEO: Christina Kosmowski
Established: In 2007
Company Industry: Information Technology
Company Revenue: $100M to $500M (USD)
Headquarters: 820 State Street, Floor 5, Santa Barbara, CA
Website: www.logicmonitor.com

It is a company of loving-fun hard-working achievers. Holding its own company culture near and dear, the company strives to be better every day with hard work as a team, which is our core moral values. The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, with other offices in Boston, Austin, London, New York City, India, Australia, and Singapore.

Features in LogicMonitor Careers

  • Forward-thinking work, purpose-driven
  • Really great benefits
  • Generous vacation time
  • Meaningful professional growth
  • Best team ever
  • Innovative benefits

A variety of logic monitors

LogicMonitor is fully committed to creating an inclusive and accommodating environment for all employees, where diverse perspectives and backgrounds are valued and encouraged.

To the persons seeking employment in LogicMonitor Company Jobs are provided without regard to national origin, age, color, religion, marital status, descent, mental or physical disability or veteran status. The company offers jobs only based on the skills, studies and qualities of the individual.

How to get a LogicMonitor job?

Apply Now

In order to provide a fair recruitment process for all, applications for the position(s) of interest are encouraged here. Candidates can apply for LogicMonitor jobs by visiting the official website https://www.logicmonitor.com/careers.

LogicMonitor is committed to teaching people to develop the skills they need to advance their successful careers. The Company celebrates diversity in all forms – race, color, religion, experience status, age, national origin, marital status, sexuality, ability, disability status – and works to create an inclusive, excellent and accommodating workplace.


The priority is to ensure that all team members are prepared for success, and achieve excellence during their time on the job here.

This assessment test provides an additional way to assess your prior preparation, skills and compatibility with the role or position you are applying for. In fact, it's so valuable, with company CEOs at LogicMonitor, offering jobs to successful candidates after completing an assessment of each individual.

The Interview

The recruitment process for LogicMonitor jobs is specially designed to deliver a high level of service to the candidates. Best efforts are made by the company to streamline the interview process.

LogicMonitor Job benefits

There are many benefits of joining LogicMonitor jobs. It offers free LinkedIn learning, free snacks and drinks, compensation for exclusive technical classes or conferences with guest speakers, which help advance careers in addition to the US benefits listed below:
  • Employer match for United States team members
  • Health Insurance: Vision and Life Insurance, Free Health Insurance and Dental,
  • Health Savings Account Contributions: For United States employees who choose a high-deductible plan
  • Stock Incentive Program: For all employees
  • Generous vacation policy: Big cash bonus for taking vacation after 3 years of employment
  • Monthly Gym Stipend: For All, Free Weekly Yoga Classes, Maditation and Many More!

Salary In Logic Monitor Jobs

  • Senior Product Manager: $106,683 per year
  • Enterprise Account Executive: $118,021 per year
  • Customer Success Manager: $115,531 per year
  • Software Engineer: $140,734 per year
  • Product Manager: $102,030 per year
  • Senior Software Engineer: $179,969 per year
  • Sales Representative: $52,616 per year
  • Sales Director: $154,795 per year
  • Account Executive: $106,315 per year
  • Senior User Experience Designer: $103,050 per year
  • Operations Analyst: $68,104 per year


What jobs does a logic monitor provide?

Jobs In Sales Department

  • Business Development Representative
  • Account Executive, Enterprise
  • Business Development Representative
  • Sales Engineer
  • Customer Technical Architect
  • ASEAN Channel Account Manager
  • ASEAN Territory Sales Executive
  • Sr. Customer Technical Architect

Jobs In Automation Department

  • Senior Automation Engineer
  • Senior Security Testing
  • Staff Automation Engineer

Logic Monitor Jobs | FAQ

Is Logic Monitor hiring new hires?
  • Yes, LogicMonitor has 21 new open jobs. Before applying to a LogicMonitor company, it is a good idea to thoroughly research the company and read reviews from employees who work there.

Is it more difficult to get a job in Logic Monitor?
  • Candidates have reported with information that the interview on LogicMonitor is a bit moderate. The interview process for the job lasts about two weeks. Candidates rated the overall interview experience as average.

What is the recruitment process for LogicMonitor jobs?
  • The interview process lasts about two weeks. Overall for candidates, the interview experience is rated as normal.

Who is the CEO of LogicMonitor Company?
  • The CEO of LogicMonitor Company is Christina Kosmowski. With 13 employee ratings, Christina Kosmosky has an approval rating of 92%.

Where is Logic Monitor headquartered?
  • Logic Monitor is headquartered at 820 State Street, Floor 5, Santa Barbara, CA.