This app will 'secure' on your child on navratri

This app will 'secure' on your child on navratri: If they do something secretly during Navratri, the parents will know within minutes, it will not even be deleted from the phone.

Every parent is worried about their children during Navratri. A software engineer from Surat has created a mobile application that smartly removes the worry of the safety of a single son or daughter when the children are playing on the garba ground till late night. With this application, parents will know in a matter of minutes that their child is in trouble, from the location of their child to any emergency security assistance needed, with just a push of a button on the phone. But will know.


Nileshbhai Desai of Astha Imaginations, the creator of the mobile app, said that not only on Navratri, from children going to school and college to employees and people connected to vehicles, the history of what children have seen on the mobile can also be monitored.

Created the app after receiving an inquiry

Before Navratri, Nilesh Desai, who created the unique app, said that we have received about 200 to 250 inquiries for the past few years. All inquirers are parents. Their demand was that parents were expressing concern about how to keep a watch on their children during Navratri, so we have created an app to remove all people's worries.

What can be learned from the app

With this mobile application made keeping in mind the movement and security of their beloved family members, the live location can be known, in which all the information including where they moved-where they stayed-where and how much time they spent, along with the location of the user of this app, can be known.

The audio can also be heard from the mobile of the opposite app. With the use of this app, one can also hear the real time sound of the surroundings. SOS button is provided in the app. It can also send notifications to the opposite phone. Normal face-to-face chat can also be done through the app. How much mobile has been used and which app has been viewed how many times and its history can also be known.

How to use the app

Regarding the use of the application, Nileshbhai said that currently we have not put this app on Playstore. At present we only give direct inquiries to parents during Navratri. After Navratri, this app will be placed on playstore as soon as possible. The charge of this app is currently kept at 100 rupees per month, so that even common family members can keep a smart watch on their loved ones using this app.

The app will not even be deleted

The app requires a passcode to be provided once a parent puts it on their child's phone. The app will be installed only through this passcode and will be deleted only with its help. If the parent decides to use this app, he can also hide it in his child's phone, so that the child does not get to know if there is any such app in his phone.

Apart from Navratri, the app is also useful

Apart from Navratri, this app can also know how much phone children use. What children see on phones. It will also be known which application uses how much time. Apart from children, a company can also use this app to know the location of its employees. This app will also prove useful for people in the field of driver monitoring or marketing.

This is necessary to use the app

Internet active in mobile is required to use the application. Also, the location of the same mobile is also required to be active and this app can work only when the phone is in active mode.

The app was developed in 15 days

It took the team of Nileshbhai Desai and Astha more than 15 days to build the app. They had to do different studies to make this app and they had to take care of things like whether there is another such app and how to make the app different from it and make the user understand the feature very easily.

Who is the app developer?

Nilesh Desai, the creator of the app, has five degrees. Nileshbhai Desai who studied BCom, LLB, DCA, PGD, Inter CA has been doing software developers and SEO including mobile applications since 1993 under the name Astha Imaginations. His app called Karate became very popular in the Android Play Store.

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