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VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration. It’s all about Integrated Circuit (IC) design. Usually, we call it a Chip design.


Anyone who is planning to start their career in the VLSI semiconductor industry needs to have a better understanding of the jobs and growth opportunities in the VLSI domain.

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 What Is VLSI Career?

VLSI field is highly technical and completely based on electronics engineering.

Usually, only candidates with a background in electronics engineering can get into semiconductor industries because it requires a minimum of BE/BTech/BS  in ECE/EEE as a necessary qualification.

However, Computer Science/IT engineers can also try for some specific jobs, with good knowledge of digital fundamentals and software programming.

It is a lucrative field that is automation-resistant. You always need SoCs and embedded systems to design the robots!

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What are the job opportunities in the VLSI industry, and what are the roles of a VLSI engineer?

There are plenty of job opportunities in the semiconductor industries. To properly align your career goals and your training, you need to have a better understanding of the job titles and job profiles that a career in VLSI has to offer.

More importantly, you should know about your strengths and personal attributes and choose the right job accordingly. Let us look at the various job opportunities and designations in the VLSI industry.

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Though VLSI is treated as hardware design, VLSI engineers design the chips using special hardware description languages (HDL) like VHDL and Verilog, as software programmers. So you need to be well versed in an HDL.

VHDL is used in India, and Verilog is common in America. You should also familiarize yourself with SystemVerilog and verification libraries like OVM/UVM.

Basic knowledge of digital electronics is also a prerequisite.

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