What did Indians search for the most last year?

A recent report on what people searched for on the Internet while sitting at home during a lockdown last year has come up with some interesting information.


According to the report, searches related to physical fitness, financial investment, entertainment, e-learning have increased significantly in the last one year, as people have been forced to stay at home and forced to work from home due to lockdowns.

The report, titled Search in India 2021 Tranding Report, sheds light on the changes in people's online transactions and their search preferences through data analyzed between April 2021 and December 2021.

Indians searched for these things the most

Immunity-related searches increased 125 percent during the period. While home fitness related searches like online dance and home gym showed 28 times and 14 times increase respectively. Over the past year, investment priorities have shifted from material wealth to financial instruments, and people have begun to prioritize the use of digital channels. Asset management related searches increased 13 times while digital payment related searches continued to grow by 12%.

Cricket's live score increased by 381%

The keyword "Most Popular Netflix Series" was searched 28 times. While the "live score of cricket" increased 381 times. Online game-related searches grew 52 percent. Apart from this, the search for education and e-learning related materials also increased significantly.

Online learning search has grown by 367 percent. While search related to training has seen a growth of 103 percent.

Search for cake delivery increased 15 percent

Living at home in lockdown has boosted demand for hyper local delivery services. The search for cakes was 15 times higher, as people stayed home and celebrated. The closure of theaters and music programs has also led to a huge increase in search volume for music content.

Search results are an effective way for a brand to reach consumers

The director of the agency that prepared the report says that this drastic change in online browsing and search patterns has paved the way for brands that want to invest in search advertising. Search in the form of digital medium in PC and mobile is growing steadily with about 25% digital in India.