Get a job from 'Apna' app without any course or degree

Apna App - Employment for less educated women, women can get a good job through Apna App without any course or degree.


If you have only studied up to standard 10th or 12th Pass and you want to get a great job, you can find many such jobs this year. The country has a mobile app that is helping special women to come forward. Using this app, women have opened up many avenues for themselves in 2021. And now in 2022, 'Apna app' has brought new hope.

You can get jobs in various branches as follows through Apna app.

Office Assistant, Driver, Hotel & Restaurant Staff, Security Guard, Cook, Shef, Baker, Digital Marketing, Retail, Business Development, Data Entry Operator, Technician, Machine Learning, Online Marketing, Accounts Finance, Hospitality, Hotel Manegement, Graphic Designer, Content Writing, Hardware & Network Engineer, Nurse, Human Resource Management, Software, Web Developer, Video Editor, Fitness Trainer, IT, Artificial Intelligence, Pharmacist, Counselor, Fashion Designer, Aircraft Maintenance, Insurance, Loans, Credit Department, Lawyer, Online Study Classes, Hoisting etc,

The much talked about Apna app has become very popular among women in different metro cities of India. About one crore women used it last year.

Most importantly, on this platform, women do not have to take a more formal approach to the job, which eliminates their hesitation. Only after submitting their information do they get job offers as per their need.

Most of the women who have passed standard 10th and 12th have applied for the jobs of Telecaller, BPO, bank insurance office, receptionist, teacher, accountant, office assistant, etc.

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